Tom Kenyon

"Sound Immersions with Tom Kenyon"

Internationally acclaimed teacher and Sound Healer, Tom Kenyon, will use his nearly four octave range voice to guide you through a series of Sound Immersions that draw upon sound healing traditions from the Shamanic realms, ancient Egypt, Taoism and Buddhism.

These sound journeys into the numinous, or light filled realms of being, have deeply transformational and spiritually healing effects. Participants can expect to experience an increase of inner light.

This unique way of working with sound is a result of Tom's pioneering work in the field of psycho-acoustics, which spans three decades. It is a dynamic form of brain/mind re-education that uses catalytic sound to access unused potentials of the brain/mind. Within this context, Tom's work with sound is a scientifically-based art form that transforms consciousness in rapid and elegant ways.

Tom’s workshops are a combination of teaching in words to satisfy the left brain and “toning” to bring the right brain online. When the right brain is the dominant force in the brain, transformation, healing and magic can occur. Tom’s unique way of combining non-dogmatic information— shared with a sense of humor that respects your ability to reason and “sound codes” to activate your intuitive potential—creates an atmosphere that allows beginners and advanced participants alike to thrive to their greatest capability. The Sound Field of Tom’s voice is life-changing. The sounds meet you “where you are,” whether you are an advanced student an Initiate or a beginner. This combination of information and sound makes a Tom Kenyon workshop an unforgettable and potentially life-changing experience.

The Facilitator:
Tom Kenyon, M.A. holds a Masters degree in Psychological Counseling. He has been a psychotherapist for over twenty years, specializing in Transpersonal Psychology and the use of sound and music to produce receptive states of onsciousness (trance). In 1983, he founded Acoustic Brain Research to scientifically document the effects of sound and
music on the brain. He is the author of several books and numerous CDs. Tom teaches throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

Everything Tom Kenyon teaches is grounded in sound. That means he teaches a body of information and then uses sound meditations to heal and transform. The information satisfies the left brain and the catalytic sounds bring the right brain online and that's where the magic can happen. Any experience with Tom Kenyon, whatever the subject matter, is an opportunity to heal and transform exponentially. His voice right at four octaves, it is the largest range of any male voice in the world and must be heard to be believed.

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